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Welcome to My Journey Home, Inc...

My Journey Home, Inc. assists military veterans and former offenders transitioning from jail or prison systems into society. We help them rebuild their lives, restore their families, and work tirelessly to support the efforts of these men and women at becoming successful members of their community. We offer employment training programs, a resource center, peer to peer support groups, and affordable referrals for counseling. Our programs have established a foundation of accountability resulting in a criminal recidivism rate of less than 5%. We mentor and educate our clients, assisting them in meeting or exceeding their reintegration goals.

My Journey Home was born to a need. We do not choose our clients, they choose us. We encourage; never discourage.  As human beings, our natural desire is to be a member of the community in which we live. For these men and women whose lives are in constant flux, we are their new family, offering dignity and hope while helping them assimilate into the community.  

Over 750,000 offenders returned to their communities in 2011, from federal, state and local jails, and prisons. The PEW Center recently reported that more than four of every 10 offenders nationwide return to prison within three years of release, costing states more than $50 billion each year for incarceration. An unemployed former offender is much more likely to return to prison than one who is employed and feels productive. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAeR1CH5lWA&feature=context-cha Jimmy

Meet Jimmy Paster, MJH Board Member...with his story of HIS journey home

My Journey Home, Inc.
1055 W. Moana Lane, Ste. 204
Reno, Nevada 89509

Phone: (775) 825-8126 or (775) 825-8118

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